Welcome to Domestic Dilettante

For those of you looking for the Magpie, I’m here . . . albeit in a slightly different form.

Beyond the technicalities (I’m trying to learn WordPress; I’ve got a new blog name; yada, yada, yada), I’m still haunting the blogosphere, still cooking, still obsessed with beautiful tablescapes.

This blog may settle into a new home for the ever-chatty Magpie, or it may serve as a transition to yet another incarnation.

For now, welcome.  Pull up your chair and pour a glass of wine. A lovely meal is soon on your way.

The Magpie

The Magpie wants her cake and eats it too.


5 Comments on “Welcome to Domestic Dilettante”

  1. I believe that bottle of wine is Cupcake? Am I right? If so, that is just delicious.

    • Domestic Dilettante says:

      I agree. Besides the fact I love the name (and the label design, always important), it’s delish. Bonus !

  2. krysta says:

    😀 happy to see you in this space. so light and clean. and the orange cake stand is to die for.

  3. Well hello! This is the 1st time I’ve got to visit. Life has been so crazy! Love the new place!

  4. OHHHH. NOW I know who the mysterious new commenter on my site is. Hi! So happy to see you up and running in your new incarnation.

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