This is what I’ve been waiting on. All my life.

Okay, so maybe not all my life.

But at least the last 20 years of my working-adult life, which, you know, is a long time to a woman who until recently was in the middle of a mid-life rut.

And it’s probably a sad commentary on my shallow nature.

That, uh, I’ve been waiting all my life on this.

I'm a shallow woman indeed that a little marble should make me so happy.

But it’s pretty, huh?

There’s nothing as splendid as Carrara Marble, especially in the kitchen.  I’ve wanted marble countertops all my life.  The naysayers tried to thwart me, predicting doom and gloom because it’s so soft and porous.

Phooey, I said.

A couple of years ago I bought a sizable slab and put it smack dab in the middle of my island. I cut on it. I rolled pastry on it. I spilled all kinds of food on it. In short, I lived on it.

You may say it looks worn now. Imperfect. Stained.

I say it has a patina of love, timeworn by a woman who gets her biggest thrills in the kitchen.

So when we moved recently, I did what I’d been wanting to do for a very long time. I laid down my stash of mad money and bought marble countertops.

And — geeeeeeeeesh — do I LOVE them!

You might notice from the photo I’m still waiting on cabinet doors. And hardware. And a maple butcher-block island top.  Things are still in a bit of disarray right now after only seven days of unpacking in this house. But I don’t care. I could stand for hours and admire this marble. Even the act of making toast brings me joy in this kitchen.

And what more can you want out of life?


4 Comments on “This is what I’ve been waiting on. All my life.”

  1. And now you ALSO have a farm sink of your very own! Congratulations.

  2. Domestic Dilettante says:

    It’s not as cool as yours, but it’s working just fine. And it makes me smile, too.

  3. I’m getting ready to remodel my kitchen, too! I don’t think I’ll have the money for a marble countertop! But, I am considering a butcher block island top. I was wondering, did you order it or are you having it made? And why did you choose Maple over, say a Walnut?

    ps — your china pantry is to DIE FOR!

  4. Domestic Dilettante says:

    I had the butcher block made by a local fabricator. I picked Maple because I’ve always liked it, it’s super hard, and I thought it would coordinate well with the color of the oak floors.

    Good luck on the kitchen remodel. It’s such a satisfying improvement.

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