A place for everything. Sorta.

We’re making progress here at our new home.  Most of the living spaces are in order, even if mountains of unpacked boxes remain in the basement.

Nothing gives me serenity like order.

Pink dishes, a pink pantry. Yes, I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

My new dish pantry is finally complete.  The wallpaper and light fixture are hung, the shelves are stacked and organized, and it’s exactly as I envisioned.


My tiny but mighty dish pantry.

I’m thrilled with the wallpaper.  It matched the hooked rug that I had in my former home perfectly. The space still needs a curtain of some sort, but I haven’t found one yet that’s just the right touch.  The wicker hamper turned out to be a perfect hiding spot for odds and ends.

But one big surprise was that all of my dishes and linens and serving pieces and glassware and flatware don’t fit.  I had envisioned a single space, a masterpiece of entertaining organization, but it became clear halfway through unpacking that my dream wasn’t to be. And I’m not even fully unpacked.

So, some of my pieces have been relegated to the kitchen, some to a display-case-turned-china-cabinet, and some to a second pantry off our kitchen.

“I get it,” I exclaimed to my husband while unpacking china. “I have enough. I can stop now.”

And I proved it. Yesterday I resisted the urge to pick up additional white serving pieces while in Target.

But when I stepped into the pantry this morning to select the items for our first gathering at our new home — a BBQ for eight tonight — and saw this:

You never know what kind of dish you'll need.

And this:

Or glasses.

I must admit my tiny-but-mighty dish pantry made me awfully happy.

And isn’t that the goal of any home?


8 Comments on “A place for everything. Sorta.”

  1. Terri says:

    One can NEVER have enough dishes. Oh, for a dish pantry (or a dish room-like the White House!) Looks wonderful!

  2. Domestic Dilettante says:

    Oh Terri — I saw a documentary on the White House dish room a few years ago and it inspired me! I’ll never have anything that grand or elegant, but my little corner of dishes makes me mightily happy.

  3. krysta says:

    sigh… i am in heaven. i am so jealous that you have that beautiful room and that someone had the patience to paper the bottom side of the shelves.

  4. Domestic Dilettante says:

    Well, Krysta, it wasn’t me. I’m not known for my patience. But the lady I paid to wallpaper the panty did a fantastic job and worked her butt off. And those shelves definitely took some patience.

  5. Melissa says:

    I love those green glasses – my mom had some just like them that we used for special occasions!

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