Saturday happiness.

It’s a lovely Saturday morning at the home of Domestic Dilettante.

It started late. Normally, I’m up at 5:45 am without exception, which typically makes sleeping in on weekends a FAIL. But this morning, I awoke at 8:45 am and thanked my lucky stars that the sleep gods chose to bless me last night.

Then I drank two cups of my husband’s perfect French Press coffee while I perused the blog and Etsy shop of a woman who’s clearly a kindred soul: Jadite Kate.

A Facebook friend of mine introduced me to her and I was immediately smitten.  Click here to see her shop and here to see the cutest kitchen ever.

Then my husband informed me I’d better hightail it to our deck or I might miss the most beautiful display of hibiscus flowers in these parts. And was he ever right!

This was my Mother’s Day gift and I’ve enjoyed it every single day since.  (My sweet son selected the one with the braided limbs — a thoughtful touch, I think.) Our friends back in our home state are suffering right now with drought conditions and oppressive heat, but we’ve been cool and showered with rain.  See how green our backyard is? Clearly my new love, the hibiscus, is happy in these conditions.

Mr. Beatle seems pretty content, too.

I’m off now to explore a couple of antique shops in a nearby town. And that’s the best Saturday happiness I know.


2 Comments on “Saturday happiness.”

  1. jaditekate says:

    thanks for including links to my shop! i’m glad you enjoy it 🙂

  2. I think the beetle is a Japanese beetle – and if so, you may want to remove it; a few Japanese beetles can make your Hibiscus leaves look like Swiss cheese.

    Fun read – congrats on the new house!

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