Closet decorator.

I was reading House Beautiful last night and I had an overwhelming urge to redecorate my closet.

Maybe I should say decorate, because it’s never been touched since the previous owners painted the drywall white and hung a $20 light fixture. It’s beyond plain. Truck-stop restrooms have more panache than my closet.  (By the way, it’s worth mentioning I have my own closet in my own bedroom in this house. Our master bedroom features “his-and-her” closets, so for the first time in my adult life, I don’t have to walk to the spare bedroom to find my clothes.)

Though I’ve never done it, I’ve always thought a closet would be a perfect decorating project. And I’m determined to venture beyond my dish pantry in this house and bring a bit of glam to my clothes closet.

I’m going to start with this wallpaper.

Then I’m going to add this rug to dress up the plain grey berber carpet.
Close this window
And this light fixture, maybe?
Close this window
I’ve got a lovely oak cheval mirror that would benefit from a coat of pewter paint.  And maybe I’ll hang a photo of my favorite style icon on the wall.
Jackie, 1964 Art Print
Because with Jackie O in your closet, what more do you need?
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Like these items? Find the wallpaper here. The rug here. The light fixture here. And the art here.

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