Because why not be organized while I waste time?

A while before it became the phenom it is now, I discovered pinterest.

If you haven’t heard, it’s a virtual bulletin board where you can save and organize all the cool stuff you find on the internet.  It’s kinda like Facebook in that you can’t remember what life was like on the internet before it; and kinda like Facebook in that you can’t believe you waste so much time playing on it.

Trouble was, I couldn’t seem to get myself “invited” to join.  I tried several times, back when it was in Beta version, and finally gave up.  Months later, I noticed some friends were playing with it and tried again to get on. FAIL.

Finally, after multiple invites by two friends, I got on today.

And I’ve spent all evening “pinning.”

Check this out. I first saw it in House Beautiful. I decided I wanted the same print over my fireplace and tracked down the source.

Too bad it’s $2500.

Here’s another pretty I pinned.

I’m actually crazy enough to think I could do this myself and save some dough. I’ll let you’ll know how it turns out.
I “re-pinned” this from another “curator.” (Re-pinning involves looking through the boards of others and snagging their images that you like.)
And I re-pinned this from my friend Jennifer. Would somebody tattoo this on my butt, please?
This is another beautiful image that inspired me from Lonny Magazine.
Jun/Jul 2010
I wanted to replicate the decor in my master bedroom, but when I tracked down the wallpaper, I discovered I couldn’t afford it either. This more-taste-than-dinero predicament sure gets old.
If you’d like to try pinterest, simply click here.  See you on the boards!

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