Bye bye summer.

We woke up today to temps in the low 50’s.  The sun was bright blue and there was only a wisp of humidity in the air. By mid-afternoon, the thermometer read 72 degrees and my husband, who grew up in Pueblo, declared it “a perfect Colorado day.”

Best I can tell, summer has bid us farewell on Labor Day weekend.

So what’s a girl to do but cook up a storm and do a little fall cleaning?  By noon, I had gotten in a six mile run, made a batch of chicken and cheese enchiladas with homemade green chili sauce, swept all the floors, changed the sheets, and raided the basement for my fall decorating supplies.

I know, I know. It’s only September 5th. But with a nip in the air, I couldn’t help but scatter a little autumn around the house.  Just call me Macy’s.

My favorite spots for seasonal decor are the buffet and the fireplace mantle.  Here’s a shot of the buffet, fully decked out in fall colors and twinkly lights:

One of my most treasured items is a copper and pewter tray I picked up for $20 in a Colorado thrift store while on vacation two years ago. I subsequently spent $100 to have it polished and lacquered, but it’s a beauty and I’m so glad I spent the extra money. The copper provides a perfect backdrop for a menagerie of fall items, including a turkey feather that my husband found on our back acreage.

The tin owl is a new item I picked up last week in St. Louis.  I have an affinity for owls and I couldn’t resist this one. It holds a votive candle and I love its sweet, interior glow.

For the mantle, I simply scattered more candles, leaves, pumpkins, turkey feathers, a piece of driftwood, and a shedded deer antler.

I bought the black cat years ago, in homage to my favorite pet of all time, Rudy. I had adopted Rudy Cat five years before my second child was born, then had to find him another home when my son developed allergies as an infant. Fifteen years later, I still miss my Rudy Cat.

For the dining room table, I filled a woven cornucopia with a few leftover items, then added a fall place mat and two votive candles and called it good.

I don’t know about you, but all I need now is a piece of pumpkin pie and a jacket, and I’m ready for fall.

Happy autumn, dear readers!


2 Comments on “Bye bye summer.”

  1. Don’t forget about the pumpkin spice lattes! All of your decorations are wonderful… and I don’t think it’s ever too early to start enjoying autumn!! 🙂

    JB @

  2. Phoo-d says:

    We have a crisp note in the air here too. It is so wonderful to have the humidity and bugs absent for a while. Bring on fall!

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